How to Custom Engrave Your Item


#1. Contact Us with Your Ideas!

Call or email us with your request. We’ll ask you a few questions to help us understand the item your are interested in engraving. We will show all of the design possibilities, material choices, and discuss any other details you have in mind for the engraved item.

#2. Our Designers get to Work.

Your engraved item is brought to life by our team of designers. You can request a digital rendering of your engraved item or leave it to the pros! We will illustrate the size, materials used, and include a quote with the rendering. There's no design too easy or complicated that we can't accomplish in some way! 

#3. We Engrave the Item.

Your item is engraved by our team of production associates right here in Lafayette, LA. Our production managers oversee the manufacturing of every engraved item to assure that every piece holds up to our accuracy and precision standards.

Let's Get Started!

Various techniques are used to achieve an etched surface, whether for artistic effect, or simply to create a translucent surface. Here at Awardmaster we offer a range of different types of engraving. We offer diamond tip engraving, laser engraving, and sandblasting. Each item is engraved through one of these processes depending on the item. Contact one of our team members today to get your custom gift idea started!

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Laser Engraving

Permanent precise laser marking is a service we provide to commercial and industrial manufacturers. Laser engraving creates a precise and permanent marking on anodized aluminum, stainless steel (marking agent required), glass, wood, plastic, leather, denim - almost any surface.

Diamond Tip Engraving

Diamond is the tool of choice for many machining and engraving applications in a wide variety of industries. The unique geometry of the diamond engraving tool, with its highly polished surface, provides the brilliantly reflective lines of top quality engraving.


Sandblasting is another common technique for creating patterns in glassware, creating a "frosted" look to the glass. Almost any image or design can be carved on glass to personalize that special gift for you or someone else.

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Trust the Work.. Not the Pitch

Our Engraving Specialists


Marcie Courville

Recognition & Personalization Specialist

Marcie is Awardmaster’s very own Recognition and Personalization specialist! With 12 years of experience, Marcie produces the best in recognition awards, plaques and personalized gifts around! You may think a plaque is just a plaque, but get one look at Marcie’s work, and you will definitely think differently!


Lex Abshire

Graphic & Printing Specialist

Ever been to Awardmaster’s showroom and seen that cool wall mural of everything Lafayette? If so, then you have seen Lex’s work first hand! Lex is our Graphic & Printing Specialist that never runs away from a challenging project and embraces every opportunity to use his creativity!


At Awardmaster, our highest priority is satisfied customers. You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your business. Our team’s superior customer service is the hallmark of Awardmaster. We are proud to serve you and work hard to earn your business.


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